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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Canton,MA — 05/13/2008

Compared to others on this site I guess I have been pretty lucky. I am in an excelent group with very competent coworkers. Supervisor and manager are awesome, understanding of family issues and will give time off at the drop of a hat (not many places will do that). If you get your work done and have a good attitude most people will appreciate it. One thing I have picked up is your experience there will be based on your supervisor and manager. Those that are super controlling and extremely demanding and micromanage everything tend to have the unhappy workers under them. While the supervisors who are personable, care, try to actually make sure you understand what you are doing are typically the ones with the happy coworkers.
The worst part of the company, no one gets offered the high end of the salary scale when you get hired. Only way to get it is have previous work experience and have been a straight A student. Those people don't work at meditech, typically if you have work experience you go there because you were laid off previously or your looking for a less stressful job. If you have no work experience but had straight A's then it is treated as if you had some work experience. Either way starting pay sucks(everyone agrees).
Varies from group to group and what you do there. Development people probably have the most respect in the company. Implementation and support probably the least as that area has the highest turnover.
Health coverage is great 90/10 split and good health plans. Thats pretty much it until you are there for 2 years, then the trust and stock options kick in, whoopie!!
Job Security:
If you do your work and don't do anything illegal they will keep you forever. I have only heard of 1 firing and that was a "volunteered" leaving by a programmer who couldn't code.
Work/Life Balance
Again I think this is controlled by group and supervisor. Most supervisors will be happy if you put in your 40hours, and if its busy your willing to stay alittle to help. Most understand workers have families and if you are open with them then its ok. Easy to change start times, doesn't have to be strictly 9-5:30 can be 8-4:30, as long as you put in 8.5 everyday (.5 hour for lunch in most groups).
I really like my group, 90% of us get along and when we have group events we attend and have a good time. Some groups even have regular nights out or do mini sporting things.
Career Potential/Growth:
It's there if you want it, if someone wants to be a senior programmer, specialist, coordinator etc it can happen. They just need to work for it thats all.
Getting better as it isn't only on the 128 strip anymore, hopefully they will add another in the future, maybe out west or up north.
Co-worker Competence:
I would say this varies from group to group. The most competenct people are probably in development, as those people tend to be more senior level and not just any avg. joe can get in there.
Work Environment:
The open work environment is a blessing and curse. If you like the people around you its great, easy to ask questions and get help on issues. If there are annoying people who speak super loud on the phone or cell phones then it is really annoying. Thank god for earphones is all I have to say.

Overall I would say that this is a perfect job for someone out of college (22-25 years old). Who still lives at home or has several room mates, is single (or atleast not married). That way when you are there for 5 years and the good benifits kick in you might be making close to 50k a year, and can afford to get married and maybe have a kick. Plus you will be 27-30ish which isn't bad. The older you get the tougher the situation, unless of course your spouse works, then the dual incomes will help eleviate the situation.
Oh yeah, if you have a huge student loan or lots of debt prior to going here, then it might not be the best place. As it will take years to pay off.

Overall an A-/B+ for young new hires still living at home with the parents.
If you can make it to 3 to 5 years you are pretty much golden.
Good Luck, its not all gloom and doom like several of the posts have stated. It's not for everyone, if $$ is what makes you happy then it might not be for you. If job security, low stress and knowing you will only work 40hrs a week is good enough for you, then you will be happy.
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