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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment2

From Framingham, Massachs — 03/14/2008

I've been at MEDITECH for a while now and although I've known about this Web site for some time, I didn't want to write a review until I felt like I could fairly rate the company. It's been a couple years, so there's no better time than now.

I hope this doesn't sound like an echo, but the pay at MEDITECH is horrible. Most people (usually recent college grads) start at about 32-38K per year. At first, that may sound like a good salary coming out of school. That is, of course, until you realize MEDITECH is centralized within the 128 belt in Massachusetts, which is one of the most expensive areas in New England to call home.

When you realize you can't afford to live close to work on right around 2K per month (after taxes), you decide to get roommate(s) and commute to work. That said, gas is about $3 a gallon right now. Assuming you live close enough that you only have to fill up once per week, that's probably close to $50 per week in gas. $50 X 4 weeks = $200. What you might have saved in rent you have now spent in gas. So basically, your living situation in order to work at MEDITECH will be expensive either way.

While where you live isn't MEDITECH's fault, they certainly don't try to be understanding and alleviate the situation at all. In fact, their "canned text" response to pay complaints is "you chose to work here!" Yes, I did choose to work at MEDITECH, and shame on me for believing you when you threw out phrases like "great career growth opportunities!" and "we promote from within!" and "hard work pays off at Meditech!"

Hard work pays off? Hmmmm....Is that why you've predetermined the best raise I can get is $3,600 for the year, or, in extremely rare cases, $4,800? What if I work harder than someone who got a $3,600 or $4,800 raise?

If you're thinking about working at MEDITECH for the pay, you're barking up the wrong tree. Keep looking in the Boston area, you'll easily find several opportunities with companies who hire even recent grads for 50K a year. MEDITECH likes to act like those companies don't exist.

The only reason I didn't rate MEDITECH a -5 for pay is at least I'm not scooping fries or flipping burgers to barely keep a roof over my head.

If you're under 30, there's none. You're still just a kid who will be treated accordingly by all the people who think they're something more than just a number to MEDITECH.

Also, there's no HR, so supervisors can and will treat you like crap if they feel like it. The only way their manager will do something about it is if they do something that can potentially bring a lawsuit to the company. MEDITECH executives often say, "If you have a problem, escalate the issue until it is resolved." What they mean by that is, "If no one wants to do something to resolve the problem, keep trying until you finally realize we don't give a crap. Then you'll give up and by doing so the issue is thus resolved."

Actually, the benefits are great. You hardly pay for health or dental at all and you're fully covered. There's no 401K, though, which sucks.

*Job Security*
They're pretty good with this. If you mess up, you "get spoken to". It takes a lot of screw ups to get fired.

*Work-Life Balance*
It's basically a 9-5 job. If you can't cut that, you're in the wrong country.

*Career Potential/Growth*
I gave MEDITECH a 5 here. Not because you can actually grow your career and salary in any respectable manner at MEDITECH, but because your experience at MEDITECH can net you a GREAT paying career somewhere else. Whether you're in sales, implementation, client services or even programming, there are agencies out there itching to hire you and your knowledge of the software. It's not unusual to hear of someone doubling or tripling their salary upon leaving the company. Just Google "Meditech experience" and salivate at what's out there.

Most buildings are off of 128. Good for work, lousy for living. At least Boston is nearby if you want to go out on the town after work.

*Co-worker Competence*
Most people seem to be pretty bright. Very few idiots, very few geniuses; just a lot of average folks looking to pay the bills.

*Work Environment*
It's pretty bad. Loud people are heard and dealt with day after day because there are no walls. Thats right; you work in a "workstation", which is also known as a low-wall cubicle (as in waist-high walls). Also, most people are miserable because their lifelong dreams have led them to a low-paying job in a high-paying section of the country.
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