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From Westwood — 03/06/2008

Wow.. I read most of the negative reviews and I am not sure that they work for the same company that I work for. I got a real kick out of the individual that had served in the military, but now wanted to receive a paycheck from MEDITECH but apparently did not want to work for it.

As for the annual raises, it is very possible to receive significantly more than the $3600 many have noted at their 1 year annual review.

I am one of the long term employees, I feel that MEDITECH has offered me countless opportunities that has kept me challenged and allowed me to constantly grow. In life (real life) we are not handed things, we have to earn them. If you are a person that "expects things handed to you" I am not sure that there is any company for you.

For those employees who have posted such negative vents, if you still work at MEDITECH, there must be something pretty good at MEDITECH that has kept you there.. so I guess things aren't as bad as you said.
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