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From WESTWOOD — 02/13/2008

I have worked at MT for 10+ years and take issue with many of the other comments that have been posted. True, the starting pay at MT is lower than competitors. However, the benefits, job security, work environment and work/life balance more than make up for that difference. The raises and annual bonus are incredible. My first raise given to me at my one year review was 13%! What other companies give raises that large? The largest raise my spouses company gives is 5%!

I laughed out loud when I read the comment from the person who complained about the interview process and needing to travel to Framingham to meet with the Recruiting team. I hope that person reviews what they wrote and sees that maybe there are reasons why they are searching for a job at this stage of their life rather than already being immersed in a career.

In all companies, people can find things to complain about. In my experience, MT is a great company. Just as in life, you get out of work what you put into it.
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