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Job Security5
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Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Westwood,MA — 11/22/2007

Fortunately/unfortunately, MEDITECH is stand out in the industry - this is good for those that understand we all go to work TO WORK and take advantage of the opportunities to succeed here and be challenged daily and advance career wise. The downside, to keep up with growth and demand, MEDITECH is continually hiring and many are recent grads that still have not developed strong worth ethics and think there first job is an extension of college. Reality is - first few years at MEDITECH, salaries are on the low to average side. Prove yourself, and you are duly rewarded, 10-12% increases annually is not unusual. Bonus, profit sharing all round off the package, ultimately, overall compensation being quite competitive. The buildings themselves, atmosphere, locations, career potential are excellent. It is busy, so don't come here if you won't want to work. Don't come here if you don't want to develop confidence, presentation skills, customer service and technical expertise. If really all you want is to get paid and surf the net, this isn't the place for you. Sure, you can do that, but MEDITECH needs people that are self-motivated and understand how to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.
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