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From Boston, MA — 11/21/2007

Above all else the downside to working for Meditech is the pay and lack of growth opportunities. Really the only chances to move up come after 4-5 years at the company, and that's usually into a supervisor's role. It's not all that much of a jump up, considering you're really only managing between 4 and 8 people. Beyond that you've got to be with the company usually between 10-15 years before you'd ever be considered for a managers role. And that's only if by chance some other manage in your department has decided to retire or leave the company.

Add to that a really depressing work atmosphere and overall you'll have a very bleak outlook very quickly after starting at this company. It's actually kind of spooky when you first interview at the company. You see rows of people in their cubicles (with low cubicle walls) and no one talking. It's as if everyone's so downtrodden with their work that they don't even care to try to enjoy themselves by talking with each other. There's not even really any push to get employees to interract and have fun while at work. It's an old-school company, and one that I'd like to get out of as soon as possible. The turnover amongst new hires, especially right out of college, is incredibly high. I'd say within about 3 months, half of all college new hires have left. That's really all you need to know.
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