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Job Security5
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Career Growth2
Work Environment3

From Cheapville, MA — 09/26/2007

Loved MEDITECH. Loved the people, experience and industry. Would have stayed for a career but just couldn't afford to. Was still traveling full time for them after five years with a ton of implementation experience and only made $40,000. Liked working with the software and customers and didn't want to go their management track which was really the only route to a few more dollars. Doubled my salary with my first move out of there, based only on my experience with their software.

How long are you "entry" level?

MEDITECH needs to look at what others in their industry pay for the level of experience with their software and be willing to pay their own people for their expertise and loyalty. It would not only help them to retain staff longer, but they would reap the benefits of long term employment including improving the quality of their implementations, customer support, system development and quality control testing. To everyone outside it seems like a no-brainer. Why don't they see it?
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