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From Westwood, MA — 05/08/2007

Dear MEDITECH: While I realize that I have, in fact, doubled my salary in my 5-year tenure with you, I find that I still make below the average starting salary for my position. In fact, up until this year's bonus, I had yet to make more than I paid for my college education. I feel frustrated, as all of my friends far out-earn me and have since purchased homes, while the only way I can continue to work for you and keep a reasonable commute is to live with my parents. Why is this? I'm sorry MEDITECH, I didn't mean to be harsh; please forgive me. I know you always provide for me, allowing me to walk around on your beautiful surrounds and to purchase food in your cafeterias. And, I can rub in my friends' faces the fact that I am entitled to purchase company stock. All they get are silly options and 401k plans! Oh, just wait until those dry up and boy will they be sorry. Most of all, I look at your recent Boston Globe job advertisement for programmers and think: Wow, remember back when I used to know their recommended C and C++ skills? Understanding how to program like the rest of the millions of programmers in the world seems like a distant memory at this point. I'm so glad I've forsaken the use of an IDE and any of even the most basic toolsets that I used in college; boy how I've grown! The outside world is so barbaric, what with its talk of threads and memory management and algorithms, Oh My! MEDITECH, if it's all just the same to you, I think I'll just hide out with you for a while. I don't need for my skills to translate to anywhere else. And besides, with all of the remarkably consistent, positive posts here - along with one recent post's reassurance that all's well with MEDITECH - I feel safe for the long run. I feel so comfy, I might just curl up right here for the rest of my career. I know someone out there has a plan for the company's future, and one day I might just care who that is. Or hear something about it. Nighty-night, MEDITECH. I'll be there at 9 am sharp, 'cause I know you're watching!
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