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From Quincy,MA — 02/04/2007

I've been working for Meditech now for a little over a year now. I was immediately impressed by the environment when going to my interviews, and I think everybody that I've met at Meditech has always been honest and open about what the job entails, and how the company works all throughout the process. Yes, the pay isn't great to start out, but they did give me an early review for 3600 after 9 months, and they have told me that I should be getting another early review at 18 months, which I expect will be around the same amount of money or, at the least, about 2400. I didn't have to kiss anyone's ass to do it, I just basically have been doing my work. Also, considering how big the bonuses are, the money is very similar to other places within a few years. My boss has been very accommodating about letting me choose my own work schedule and the like, and everyone at my work have always been very kind and respectful towards me. Meditech is probably everything I expected from my initial interviews, which is a very positive thing. And I have not thought of searching for a different job yet. I would also like to note that in my experience, the job is really stress-free.
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