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From Toronto, ON — 08/13/2006

This is my first job, and i loved it. i want to say something to people who said they hate McDonalds because of low pay. if you think you should get pay more to do a basic job like making a burger, why don't you open a store and pay your crew 12 dollar to flip patties. start with minimum wage is not only for mcdonalds, it is true for every job. the only reason why you are getting low pay is because you don't have the education for a better job. my rating for pay is two because i do think it is not high, but it is not because they are cheap, it is because the job i do. if you don't like the pay then quit, don't sit there and complain. if you have what it takes for a higher pay, then go for that job. i like all the crews here. they are very helpful, we do get one or two that are lazy people in a while, but they are only passing by. everyone respect each other in this location, swing never pressure their crew with their authority. they work with them as team members, not managers. there are many benifits in mcdonalds, the question is how much of them can you take advatages of. EOM, Mystryshop money, and promotion in position. i go to college, and i work only three days. it is enough for my tuition fee, food, transportation, and everything else. this is not bad for a "minimum wage" job. i'll say. and it never interferes with my school. i have been working for almost four years now, and i am a swing manager. i started to understand alot more thing why we do thing in certain way. this is not a dead end job. work environment is great, clean air, and good safty control and pratices. i did had many minor burns, little ones. but no one can work in a restaurant without getting burn once in a while. any restaurant. don't be a fool, think about the question. i have seen many people come in to my store and say, "i don't drink mcdonald water.". these are example of stupid people. the whole city have the same water source. it is not "mcdonald" water. i truely hope that when you hear people say something bad about any company, think it through, don't just believe. you have a brain, use it. that's all i am going to say.
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