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From Virginia — 10/16/2008

I started working here at $5.50/h and because of that reason I quit after a few months.
Now that I am at my new jobs, I look back and see that McDonalds was actually I pretty good place to work while being in high school. Before the schedule was made every week I was asked if I need any days off to study for tests. They NEVER had a problem giving me a day off. I was never given the 3rd degree when I called out. "Oh you need the day off, thats fine, just relax and get better."

I was alway leaving on time, and the store was ALWAYS well staffed.

As for the customers, most treat you like crap. Management knows this and I was VERY MUCH respected. And even though I called out a few more times than I should've, I was always told I was one of their best workers.

I didn't enjoy working with the people who worked mornings, they were usally pushy. But the crew I worked with at night was AMAZING. We all had support for one another.

When I quit I did something terrible and came in and said "I want to quit." My managers were shocked, but told me they weren't mad and told me whenever I wanted to come back, I should just give them a call.

That store had better managment skills than any other place I have worked.
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