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From Illinois — 08/04/2008

I have worked for McDonald's for 2 years now and I must say first of all that I am happy I do:
my salary reflects the salary paid in the sector and is also adequate for my studies. The inner politics are clear and understandable and I never had the feeling of not being told something. They offer a great deal of internal education courses, which will help you a lot in your daily work.
I really enjoy working there, even though it is a big company, internal procedures are complex and hard to understand in the beginning. But in my opinion this will only be beneficial to me in a future job.
Promotion: I recently got promoted from assistant to coordinator, which not only reflects my hard working but also that my superiors value my work.
The work environnment might seem chaotic for an outsider (it was for me in the beginning)but overall it is a really familiar environment and kind of cozy.
McDonald's really asks of its employees to show some action and innovation without being intrusive. I had some familiar problems in the first year with them and everyone was respectful and kind, they tried to help without doing to much.
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