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4.9Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Houston, TX — 09/26/2008

i absolutely LOVE mary kay! i've only been working as a beauty consultant for a few months, but i have friends in the business and i know they are just as in love with it as i am.

respect: i want to lump this with "recognition", which we get A LOT of! anytime you do anything at all, you get recognition of some sort. also, everyone i've worked with so far has been amazingly respectful and kind. i've never experienced this level of respect in any job!

benefits: as a beauty consultant, i don't get benefits from the actual company, but there are companies who will offer discounts on insurance for anyone who works for mary kay.

job security: unless you do something unheard of (and i really can't think of what that could be), you can be in mary kay as long as you want. no one gets fired from mary kay...!!!

work/life balance: if i could quit my current job and do mary kay full-time, i would. i'm not quite in that position yet, but i'm working up to it. by doing that, i would have infinite amounts of time to devote to the rest of my life. you choose the amount of time you put into mary kay.

career potential/growth: the leadership ladder is easy to ascend and fun too! there are so many rewards along the way that you'll want to win, it'll make your career growth even easier than you imagined.

location: obviously a 5 because i can stay at home or go down the street or go to china. it's my choice!

co-worker competence: the best part about mary kay, in my opinion, is that you get to choose your team members. you choose who your co-workers will be, so their competence is up to YOU.

work environment: i love my mary kay gals. they're so positive and make life fun! going to training with them is twice as fun because i'm doing what i love with people i love.

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