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From New Jersey — 10/03/2010

First i will note the positives of working at Marshalls
The location is good.
They are flexible with what days/hours you can work.
It's really hard to get fired here (they even hired back previously fired people!)
Most of my fellow part-time employees are awesome to work with.
You are allowed 12 absences and 12 lates per year.

Now for the many negatives of working here..
They pay very low, i know it's a discount store but for bragging about how much the company makes a year come on pay us more already! i was hired at 7.25 which is higher than my fellow employees but i already had experience and expected at least 8.
The new policies suck! They don't pay you for certain holidays and your birthday anymore, raises aren't given at your 6 month anniversary, new employees have to wait a year now. part timers can only work a certain number of hours a week, among other things.
Most of the upper management treat their employees like total garbage. All they care about is 'the store' they really don't care about the employees and treat them like expendable machines. I've been treated with utter disrespect numerous times here and after complaints to HR, nothing still has been done about these certain managers. One time i was told to get carts in blizzard like conditions when all i had was a long sleeve dress shirt. after collecting a few and responding to his question that i think i got them all he said " I THINK?! We need all the carts collected! the plows will ruin them! get back out there and finish!" Another time a fellow employee lost her phone and he refused to allow her to look for it, even yelling at her when she was searching the carts for it. he had no empathy for her situation at all. That's just some of the many examples of disrespect by management here. They will even yell at you if you follow a coordinator's instructions before asking them first.
There is no growth here for part-timers. All of the coordinators have been there for years and there is little chance to be promoted, which is now only a 50 cents increase anyway, not worth it!
The lazy customers treat us like crap, totally annihilating the store on a daily basis, expecting us to be their slaves, screaming at us, stealing, ect.
The pricing system is totally flawed. There is no computer database of prices. If a item has no ticket the cashier must page a employee who has to make 3 trips back and forth to get them a similar item to find out the price. Customers know this and purposely rip off tickets or put a clearance sticker from another item onto it to get a better price.
They call you up to help ring register when it's busy, because the employees on the floor are just chilling right? You go all the way up there then end up checking out one customer. They can god damn wait a minute on line, thats why it's called a line! Later the manager will think you are slow as shit on the floor stocking or cleaning when it's not your fault you were interrupted numerous times for price checks, to ring register, take phone calls, ect.
The security is really weak with them barely being there, causing huge shrink for the store.
Two words... CHRISTMAS SEASON...

That's the end of my rant about working here. It's the worst job i've had, i'm just sticking it out until i find a new job. The negatives far outweigh the few positive of working here, beware my friends.
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