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From TX — 09/20/2010

I have been working at Marshalls for 2.5 years. Sigh.

Pay: Marshalls pay is absolutely ridiculous. Minimum wage is of course what they start off at, and getting raises is near impossible for most employees. When I was hired, I was put on at $6.00/hr. Minimum wage went up to 6.25 or so. I did not, for some odd reason, receive this raise. Then, the company began to hire on at $7.00/hr. I did not get this raise either. It took me threatening to quit for the manager at the time to bump me to $7, when the incompetent children they were hiring were getting the same amount.

Respect: I have to say respect is purely based on how well you work. Yes, of course there will be favoritism, I have not worked anywhere that there hasn't been. However, if you are a good worker, management will at least try not to be rude. Unfortunately, since management has no problem becoming personal friends with associates, gossip and supposedly private matters of other employees gets spread quite often. (I've found it easiest to be the one who always listens and has nothing to contribute besides condolences and appropriate head-bobbing.)

Benefits: Mostly suck. Part timers have nothing except the meager 10% discount. However, free layaways are the best I could see. (30 days to pay off any item in the store.) Health insurance is too expensive for fulltimers. However, if you are lucky enough to be full time (as I am) you do get several personal days as well as a week worth of vacation. (I am not sure if it grows over time; I doubt it.)

Security: You have to be masturbating to service desk girls in public to get fired. Or other horrific things. (Get caught blatantly stealing.)

Work/Life Balance: Marshalls is pretty flexible with scheduling provided you give them appropriate time to make the schedule.

Growth: I have to say, it's hard to get into. Department coordinators is the first rung in the ladder, and most positions are usually filled. Even so, raises were knocked from $1.00 to .50 so even getting that promotion is rather insulting. (Much more work for an almost useless raise.) The next step is key carrier. Which is a $1.00 but even harder to reach, especially since most coordinators are eager for more raises and are competitive for the position.

Location: N/A

Competence of Coworkers: HA. High school kids are some of the dumbest people to hire. Especially since almost all of them have never worked a job, or a retail job.

Work Environment: Customers make this place a hell to work in. Terrible associates make the break room empty of any kind of dishes or home-like feel. (Too many items have been stolen in the past. Pathetic.) Its not the best, to say the least.
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