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From Brentwood — 04/10/2009

The store is chill & most people are cool being that the enviroment attracts lots of young active kids for some this is there first job & they seem a little lost. The benefits are great we listen to our own music & it sucks that it has to be edited or we can't listen to it. We also can earn free stuff sunglasses, decks, tees. The schedule is flexible for people who have a 2nd job or school the manager is cool with giving days off that are needed. The location is cool outdoors, it's better then being in a stuffy mall. The pay kinda sucks but you really just kick back & help customers talk to people & help them find stuff we don't do anything to difficult to complain about pay & it's a part-time job. The store is cool the people are chill nothing much to complain about, I read the other review & I think it's funny those of us that do our job & bring in edit'd music get along, those people that expect others to do thier job & come in late or don't take the time to use their brains & answer questions from customers in the dumbest way possible yeah aren't gonna be anybody's favorite person to work with. We've only been open since Oct. & thank god some people are gone now. The store does well & the company pushes good customer service to the extreme, so if you ignore customers when in a customer service based job, this one won't fit you. Friendly people are what the company wants & common sense goes a long way with them, I wear jeans & a tee everyday nobody says anything to me about clothes. If you want a job here your gonna need to know skate or retail, that's what the manager asks of all of us know the culture, know retail do your job be friendly.
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