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From Maryland Heights, MO — 03/11/2010

I've worked at Magellan for over 15 years. Started as a non-expemt, applied for internal jobs and now work in IT. After reading some of the negative comments already posted here about working in IT, I have to say that I have heard the same things about that team and they do not apply to my department. My boss is GREAT, has good people and motivational skills. My boss cares about me as a person. So for all of you reading those negative comments please note they are not indicitive of the entire IT organization. It is clear to me that the employees who wrote them have no understanding of what goes on above them and what stress is placed on their Management to get stuff done. I am not validating how they are treated; like I said my boss is great and is under the same pressure and stress as all the others. It's how you deal with it and motivate staff that makes the difference. Also, our days off policy is called PTO (paid time off), not vaction time or sick time. If you are sick you have to use a PTO day. I do not think this is unreasonable.
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