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From Copenhagen — 04/01/2010

As an employee that has been expatriated several times with the drilling contractor division of Maersk, I can suggest the following...

Maersk, as a company, is in a huge transition period...adapting a more "american" style business model than their previous Scandinavian based roots. Unfortunately, the employee compensation has yet to catch up, and many of us find ourselves in a performance driven, high pressure working environment with civil-service style compensation. The work-life balance & flexibility is not so good, but that is true for many companies nowadays.

The positivies...All employees are hired based on personality tests, and there far fewer *assholes* working here than in other companies. Where the company really shines is in their values & treatment of employees concerning expatriations or family issues. When the chips are down & family emergencies happen, I have no doubt this organization will do the right thing and stand-by their people.

Basically this is a solid company with good people & lousy pay.
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