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From Greenwood Village, CO — 08/24/2010

I have to sit back and laugh at all of the negative comments on this site. Anyone who complains about working 45-50 hours a week needs to understand what a salary job entails. Madison is not a fast food joint or a hot dog stand in LoDo. Madison is an asset management firm in the most volatile market in 2010's global economy. The business is not for the light hearted regardless of the company you work for right now, so you’d best be ready to compete for a pay-check.

The Madison management team demands one thing out of their employees: hard work. If you’re not willing to work hard and compete at your job then why are you a member of society? Seriously, just take your free lunch from the government and leave the big-boy jobs for the real workers. If you work hard, act professionally, and get your work done then the company realizes your effort with courtesy and respect. People who complain on this site about not getting respect are the same people who honestly believe that respect is given and not earned. Respect is earned at Madison; period.

The benefits have gotten much better the past two years. Yes, benefits tend to be more favorable to single people, but find me a company of Madison’s size (200-500 employees worldwide) that has more competitive benefits and I’ll call you a liar. The current benefits are: Medical, dental, vision, 401K (matching up to 5% of your salary), 15 days VSP in your first year, and $50,000 group life that the company buys for you. Where will you find all of these offered in 2010 to ALL employees regardless of time served at the company? Not too many places seeing as how many businesses are starting to hire employees as independent contractors.

I have worked for several companies that provided minimal salaries, zero vacation days your first year, and for owners that did nothing by lie to your face and to clients. Madison is a great place to work if you’re a quality, intelligent person. If you’re not then you should probably start your applications for McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Jimmy Johns.
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