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From Minnesota — 07/01/2010

I'm a new hire at a Macy's in Minnesota and already it hasn't seemed right. They offered me the position of a merchandising associate when you work before store hours which was perfectly fine with me.

However I didn't know the orientations were different and the HR people had me do the register training along with sales. I had no problem with this because I didn't merch had their own training. The orientations went well, basically told us how to treat the customers based on their stupid star rewards card levels, being perky and doing about a million things at once.

After the orientation I got a "schedule" and the HR lady said she had no idea what the merch team was up too so she just scheduled me for the next morning and told me to show up. I did and the merch team had no idea they even had a new hire but they were very nice and helped me along. I was very impressed with how hard working they were and how kind they were to the clueless new person (me).

I left them my phone number because they weren't going to start getting busy with new merch for a few weeks. I believe the HR people made a mistake training me for sales because the position I was offered was merchandising, not sales associate and the pay is different. When I am scheduled and if it is during sales hours, I will probably complain and say how I was hired for merchandising, not sales.

I reccomend merchandising, the people were incredibly helpful and nice but it varies to location I suppose. Sales seems entirely too cutthroat.
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