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From Midwest — 04/21/2010

I was recently laid off with many others from Macy's. The office was shabby, the store needed remodeling (but Corporate had plenty of $$$ to build a fancy new store in a growing suburb) the pay was low, forget raises, and the benefits are only after 6 months. You might get paid time off after 1 year, and no paid holidays until after 6 months, but they don't tell you that. When you start asking questions, the HR office in Pittsburg claims they "don't know" or they have to get back to you which they never do. Evasion is practically an art at Macy's on every level, especially if you ask about pay or paid time off. The call center for help on computers or setting passwords is in India and it's a whole new level of frustration----- so you give up and just try never to call them. My boss was fine, but they turned him into a hatchet man when Corporate started layoffs. All because Penney's and Kohl's are kicking Macy's butt (and Saks and others). And now I'm told they won't pay my unused vacation days after being laid off. Don't work at Macy's unless you're about 20 years old and don't need money and only want to work sometimes. Beware of the dreaded "loyalty goals". They want you to sell the Macy's credit card accounts and they don't care how you do it, just do it! I felt sorry for the associates. It was like putting gladiators in the arena to fight each other.
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