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From corpus, tx — 02/27/2010

wink! wink! So here i go just finished my first day at Macys....before i get to that let me get to this...I LOVE MACYs...the parade of legends, the fashion capital of moderate dept stores...i had no idea of the backlash against my favorite place to shop....i guess i never paid too much attention to anything past the merchandise..I was looking for dress code advice and stumbled upon this hella-blog!!!!you guys are severe, but i decided to catalog my days with Macys...So just keep in mind i was delighted and estatic to start my career with macys, today was virtual training from 8-6pm, one thing about me is i am smarter than your average bear. so first thing i noticed was my employment packet was botched..i was hired as parttime, but for some reason unbeknownst to me i was checked in as flag, idk...i was told it didnt really matter, atleast not now. So next thing was virtual training+pos simulations (which were fun)...I was not told to print out cert. so i didnt,,, even though i shoud of, and well of course that might one day come back and bite me in the ass. what was weird is how i felt when the person in charge of my training popped in to check on me while i was using the training register.....knowing i just started he/she hovered over my shoulder sorta impatient with my lack of knowledge of the key system,,,that my freinds is psychology 101... he/she knows i wasnt ready but needed to start chipping away at my confidence...well i also told he/she that i had another job on certain week days he/she stated it was fine, (that was during my first interview),, but now that i am a new hire, my schedule is actually already it true, do they actually have seminars on how to dissect a person, Was his /hers unorganization part of the greater scam....Will my lack of training be my fault. Well past all that i felt very comfortable on my first day, but at the same time i picked up on alot of red when i was introduced to my store workers it was pleasent . but coworkers within my dept was tense and quick even though they were not busy,, do they already hate me,? thier first question was was i ft or pt..are they already broken and am i suppose to take one of thier jobs.. i hope not!! they seemed nice just guarded,,,well so far i still love macys for shopping but will i love macys for employment. stay tuned...wink!wink!..
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