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From Chicago, IL — 01/28/2010

Macy's is a fine company to work for; it all depends on what you are there for. If you're there for a part-time nights and weekends gig to make extra cash, you probably won't like it. Unfortunately, it's tough out there for retailers, and a lot more is expected from each person to make it profitable. So yes, you accepted a job at minimum wage, and you actually have to work hard to earn it. I chose retail as a career, and it's one of the best companies out there to use as a launching pad. You can work a ton of different positions to build your resume if you like, or you can stay as a sales associate, supervisor, dept manager, whatever. The hours do suck, but on the flip side, you get at least three weeks paid vacation every year, and four personal days. And of course we ask associates to open credit cards: they're profitable!! Macy's doesn't make any money selling merchandise for 80% off. And if your manager threatens your job for not opening credit cards, they're out of line. It's your job to tell HR if you feel it's unfair. All in all, not too bad. Hours and weekends and workload suck, but flexible work schedule, pay, time off, and benefits more than make up for it.
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