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From Oak Brook — 11/21/2009

I was happy with the location of the store I applied to, had great co-workers, and an decent work environment. I knew the pay was low and there was no job security or career potential since I knew it was a seasonal job. I was only working there because I had been unemployed for nine months and was running out of savings trying to make up for what unemployment compensation did not cover and did not expect it to be high paying or secure for the long term. At the time of the interview, I had only been on TWO interviews out of over 300 full-time jobs applied for since February and really needed the extra money.

What I did not expect is how my manager responded when I found a full-time job within two weeks of accepting the seasonal job. I was trying to be courteous by informing my manager right away that I accepted the full-time job and how my availability would change mid-December. I also was upfront during the interview with Macy's about my job search, my need to be able to go on interviews, some previously scheduled doctor appointments (scheduled three weeks out due to the doctor's office being inundated by flu victims), and a baby shower I had committed to prior to going on the interview. I let them know that except for the baby shower, I would be willing to change/cancel the other appointments/committments if I was needed at the store at those times. I did not try to get out of a scheduled work day when my brother had to have surgery that day. After accepting the full-time position, I was still open to work Saturdays and Sundays and late evenings during the week. My manager said she wasn't sure if she could retain me due to my reduced availability (which I could understand) but also then accused me of not living up to my "open availibility" due to all those previously mentioned appointments/committments that they did not make me change and pointed out how much more "flexible" they had been with me than I had been with them. One point she brought up to drive this point home is how I was "allowed" to leave early one day, even though corporate asked her to cut some of us loose that day because we were over the scheduling budget due to soft store sales that day. I should also mention that the weekend I had prior committments was the one immediately following my interview date (the previous Sunday) where I had not expected an immediate job offer, and she brought that up as an aggravation as well. It seems clear that she was just upset that I had the NERVE to accept a FULL-TIME job WITH BENEFITS so soon after accepting a PART-TIME SEASONAL JOB with NO BENEFITS because it would cut into my weekday availability for the PT Seasonal Job. I guess I was expected to turn down the FIRST full-time job offer to come my way in NINE MONTHS of unemployment so I can fulfill the open availability expectation of a seasonal job that would end after December.

Anyone out there considering a job at Macy's, be sure you have all the time in the world and no need for full-time work. Otherwise, STAY AWAY FROM MACY'S.
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