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From New York, New York — 10/31/2009

I was recently hired as a part-time employee in Young Men's Clothes and Urban Wear at the Herald Square Macy's on 34th St. in NYC. I'm really kind of sad for everyone else at other Macy's locations who have had such a hard time! Maybe I'm just lucky to have a job at this store in this particular section? My managers are cool, my coworkers are really funny and helpful, I actually look forward to seeing them when I go in to work. Most of them ARE college educated and entertaining to talk with, and we help each other out to meet our sales goals and card opening requirements. I really like that we work as a team (well, most of us, you know there are always a few people who are unpleasant, but they're in the minority and it's no big deal.)

I've never felt treated as unimportant at all, everyone has been really supportive. In fact, I've only been there a few weeks and I've already got quite a bit of free Macy's money (gift coupons for employees that can be used as cash anywhere in the store) for simply doing my job correctly. They've also been really cool about schedule requests I've made and things like that.

I also love that since we're a big NYC tourist location (Herald Square is basically THE Macy's - think 'Miracle on 34th Street') I get to have conversations with people from all around the world while helping them find clothes. The vast majority of the customers I've dealt with have been extremely polite and grateful for any help I can give them.

The pay is only a few bucks over NY minimum wage, but in this job market, that's not bad - they started me at $8 an hour and I can basically work extra hours whenever I want and stay later after my scheduled shift.
I will say that if you need a full time job with benefits, you might find it difficult to work at Macy's, but for me it's pretty much perfect. One thing I don't like, though, is that working weekends is mandatory for everyone, which isn't a huge deal but it's not exactly awesome for my home life, which is the only reason I marked Work/Life Balance as a -1.

Overall, I'm happy, and it's a million times better than flipping burgers, which seems to be the only other option open these days.
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