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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment2

From Portland,Oregon — 02/02/2009

The pay where I work is decent as a non sales associate I make enough an hour but the issue is hat I csnnot get the desired hours that I need. The management seem to be in a daydream most of the time if they are not in the breakroom looking at your lunch they are plotting in the HR office or talking on the phone. I have only worked for them for several months but the management seems tight knit like that are all real good friends but how can't they be Macys is their LIFE!
Benefits aare way too expen sive to afford on my budget so I live with tooth pain waitng for my teeth to rot out. Job security in my department is great they will always need me to clean it up
Work life is good as well I have so many days off and I am not allowed to work anymore do I can have a life outside of work but have no money to spend Potential growth is good for some but most of the mangement is so sneaky and aloof that it would be a miracle to be hired into another department, they are not looking for stars they are looking for idiots with no life skills and no life to run stuff and be so rude to customers that they leave
Co workers fit into 3 diffrent casts "Life"r's: those that have been with macys for more than 10 years the ones that are macys that type is mainly the trouble makers becasue HR and management will listen to them and take action
The untouchables: untouchables usually work in a high paying department with commission if no commision makeup,handbags something that most women or men like that would create a sense of superficial self importance usually the untouchables will clan together and are fairly attractive as to get special favors.
Misfits: A misfit is an employee that doesn't get the dues and acknowledgement they need be because you will usually see these people doing visual or putting signs up or cleaning the store. they have some of the highest paying jobs in the store but no self respect or is it that they have self respect but are not an untouchable.
For the most part most people are friendly-like showing a smile and a hello the way the store is managed is what is very telling of what goes on most of the associates can get away with whatever they want to stealing,talking and ignoring customers,the store manager has a your my best friend apporach to managing a bunch of people and so everyone walks all over him.You can say whatever negative thing about most people becasue HR is too concerned with wearing high class clothes and makeup to really care about the important things
Macys is a show boat, create ab act!!!!!
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