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From Hawaii — 08/20/2010

I read all the entries before I started working there and I had to completely agree with how bad it was. After working for a few months, my views have completely changed. I'm currently a college student just looking for extra money, so I decided to apply for Macy's. When I first got hired, I did a training video on a computer followed by the POS training. The training really did not help at all and once I was put on the sales floor, I needed to call for help every time. You are pretty much thrown out to the sharks, but you learn that way. They pay I get is above minimum wage, so I'm happy with that. I really like the managers. They are very friendly to me and they help me when I need it. I got hired as an on-call, but surprisingly, I always get scheduled hours every week and I get called in sometimes during the week which is good because I can get 30 hours just for being an on-call. The bad thing about being on call is that they can call you at any moment, which is why the work/life balance is not that great. However, I can always just ignore the call if I really do not feel like working. However, by doing that they just may never call me when they need me. Unlike a lot of the other reviews I have read, opening a credit isn't pushed so hard on me. I do get reminded to open credits, but I don't have a manager watching me and pushing me to open one. Perhaps it is because I am an on-call. The co-workers I work with are a great help and very friendly and the work environment is great! I have noticed that Macy's either hire young college students or older people. I do not see this as a career, but I really do like working here. A job is a job and no matter where you go, there are always going to be people complaining about it. That's life.
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