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From PA — 08/19/2010

Wow, alot of people experienced what I have experienced, so now I dont feel like such an idot anymore. Honestly, before working here I could not find any job and this was the first place that acutally hired me so I just said "why not it cant be that bad?" o boy I was wrong. The training at first seemed to be very helpful, but then when I was put on the floor, I was totally lost. I have only been working there for a month and I just quit because thankfully I got another job, and I just couldn't even be there anymore. Within the first two weeks, I was getting switched around to other departments. Like how was I supposed to know what to tell customers were asking me if I didnt knwo the area well AT ALL? Well then I was in my department and I kept getting scheduled there which was good, but honestly nothing is ever good there. Its just a problem, after problem, after problem.

I thought I was pretty comfortable after the training but when I started working I had no idea what I was doing! My first day nobody really helped me at all and no one even took into consideration that I was new and offered to help. The lady that I was working with was BARLEY any help. So I thought, "Ok after like a week or so I should be fine." No, its been a month, and I still run into problems where I dont know what to do. That computer is so confusing there is SO much stuff to know! So it makes me look bad, unintelligent, and just stupid. Literally every time I go into work, I come across a problem that I cannot do, and I get stressed out.

Also, the managers CONSTANTLEY tell you about going up to customers and ask them what their buying and blah blah make a connection blah blah. No customer wants an associate to act like that, let the shop in peace. I usually read body language to tell if people need help if not, I let them do their thing. I dont like to be annoying. And your not allowed to talk to your coworker either, I do expect of the manager was around. Its was just such a crazy place and maybe my experience wont be as bad for someone else but I hope a person considering working here reads mine, and everyone else s comments about this place before they consider working there.
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