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From San Diego, CA — 08/18/2010

Reading reviews for Macy's is very interesting. I have a love-hate relationship with my employer. I have been employed by this company, including the period it was the Broadway before being taken over by Federated, a total of 24 years. In that time, I raised my family, worked part-time, would work "on-call" during the summer months, finally settling into full time in the late 90's. My choice in life was to be a full-time Mom, no college, so a decent retail job has been the perfect fit for me. Now I'm close to retirement...

Macy's today is not the Macy's we all knew and loved. Their latest implementation of "My Schedule Plus" is designed, to an older employee, to get rid of their seasoned employees, those who know their jobs, are loyal to the company, and keep customers coming back. Last winter there was a layoff at our store, two employees were laid off who had a total of 40 years with the company! I think the reason behind this is that seasoned employees cost Macy's money in terms of health benefits, vacation, etc. However, I think they are missing the boat in thinking that they can hire minimum wage employees to come in for 4 hour shifts, work competently, treat customers like old friends (which many of them are!) and maintain the same sales integrity.

It will be interesting to see what happens to this company. I have sometimes taken umbrage with comments made by some of the employees on this site. Remarking about older employees being stupid, not able to hold other jobs...actually, some of us made the choice to work here, and have taken pride in our positions. A company like Macy's, which is customer driven, is only as good as the people on the front lines. If anyone from Macy's ever reads this reviews, please, please, look carefully at the current state of this company. Take yourselves out of the "ivory tower", get down and dirty with us. Meet and greet your public. You will learn a lot and maybe save this American institution.
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