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From 137 Grand Street — 03/31/2009

I posted some of this already as a comment, to refute a lame attempt to discredit the company I proudly work for. Here is the entire review I wrote, feverishly growling at the thought of someone impugning such a superlative employer. (We generally abbreviate "Macktez Corp" as "MC"; I'm gonna use that convention here.)

The MC *I* work at is, quite simply, the best place to work in the known Universe, and you should count yourself lucky to be even considered for employment there. Now, you're probably thinking "this guy is some sort of stooge, he probably wrote this to kiss up to the boss at MC" and it will be hard for me to prove otherwise in this review. But if you will take my word for it, I will assure you that everything I have said and will go on to say about MC comes from the very deepest place in my heart, and I am thrilled to have the chance to explain why I love working there so very much.

Firstly, it is a consultant job in its essence, so whatever benefits they choose to provide should be considered in that light. It must be compared with other similar firms, and also with private consulting, which I have done quite a bit of. At MC, you are part of a team, both in the grand sense of the entire company, but more specifically in the way smaller teams handle each client so no one person has to handle any situation alone.

And each member of the team has been carefully selected, so each person is a valuable ally, and has a specialty of expertise. I have never before been in the company of such uniform excellence. I would suggest that the person who wrote the original gripe I was commenting on did not disclose some relevant facts about their own incompetence, which led them to feel defensive and afraid. For those ready to grow and increase their excellence quotient, MC is a nurturing and amazing environment cultivating true teamwork and profound attention to detail.

Quite the opposite of the neurotic picture the anonymous reviewer left, I find the psychological component to the MC culture to be superlative. They are critical, it is true, and if you do not want to find out the truth about the quality (or lack thereof) of your work, then I'm sure that's difficult. Personally I had always been disappointed by the low standards of my employers, so I find it deeply refreshing to work at a company with higher standards than my own. Their quest for precision and planning definitely pleases the clients endlessly, many of whom are notably hard to please. Also, they do not take every client which comes their way, and they labor carefully to match each client with the team members assigned to them. The senior partners have gone to bat for me on several occasions when a dispute with a client has arisen.

They use a very specific system for making sure things get done fully and properly, while reducing the stress involved in doing the work. Besides making work more efficient and pleasurable, it has also made me 100% more organized in my personal life and art work, and has therefore made me a much more satisfied person all day long. I consider it a HUGE unwritten benefit of working there to be personally tutored in a highly successful method for stress-free productivity. That alone is worth the price of admission - trust me.

I also want to add that I used to keep to myself at previous jobs, but here I actually *want* to spend time with my co-workers outside of the office, because I genuinely love and respect EACH and EVERY one of them! And I regularly walk out of meetings with either one of my bosses thinking how much I love this company and what they stand for.

I have no need to remain anonymous. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions about MC, or simply want to verify that I am not being pressured to say nice things about the company to which my loyalty knows no end.

I hope it's now clear to you why I was only too pleased to be handed an opportunity to gush about MC. They deserve it. And anybody who has a gripe about them is welcome to talk to me in person any time. But don't expect to get off easy...

Straight up - Macktez rocks hard. Work there if you dare.
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