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From Multiple locations — 03/06/2010

I worked my way up from department manager to sales manager over the course of almost five years. I did well with pay and the bonus structure, although I had to be willing to move around the Midwest to available positions to get promoted. It was all well and good until I was sent to a "problem" store and was told it was my responsibility to work 6 days a week (at least) to try and fix it, while other managers came and went and never put any extra effort into their work! Other managers would try and shift the blame from themselves and lack of work by pointing fingers and trying to find fault with those actually DOING good work. I ended up quitting for the first time in my life with no job or backup plan just to get away from these other crazy managers! I made good friends and good money, but eventually the burn-out catches up to you. I took a long, hard look at myself and that I never saw my friends or family, and would be perpetually single forever if I did not make time for myself and find a better work/life balance. I leaned a lot and loved the job when I was at stores doing well, but having to fix "broken" stores with no support is a losing battle! Of course, after I left all the other managers got fired, but too bad for the stores the good employees get turned off by the nonsense and leave well before they can fired the bad seeds.
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