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From CO — 03/04/2010

As honest as I can be:
I'm 26 have been working for lowes for over 7 years during and after college. I have moved from store to store in my retail career and have found that the company is what YOU decide to make of it. I hear a lot of complaining from people who don't give a damn about their job and don't try to make anything out of it. Yes there are incompetent people and there are definitely incompetent managers but that's life everywhere. Lowes basically put me through college and worked around my schedule the best they could. "the pay could be better" well the options are endless : SOS commission, spiffs, customer service bonuses, shrink bonuses, mgr bonuses etc..not to mention 401k match, stock option, BCBS insurance, etc.. As a dept manager I received close to 4,000 in bonuses for the year but I had to earn it. There are better stores than others and if you get a good management staff then that can make all the difference.

If you want to move up it does seem like you have to be willing to move around, especially right now, so I do see a lot of frustrated employees who can't move up. Negatives: it's retail so you deal with crappy people sometimes (you can't let it bother you), you won't make a lot of money so you have to take advantage of what the company has to offer (I know millionaires from the stock and 401k plans), no set schedule so you could work at 5am three days and then until 11pm for another 4 (but you are supposed to be on a matrix so you should know your days off in advance, something some of the other retailers don't do) and there are always the coworkers that get away with murder that piss you off.
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