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From Houston,Texas — 01/24/2010

I am a dept. mgr. and I'm very satisfied work at Lowes. My store manager is one of the best I've ever worked for in retail. He is fair, open,a great communicator, coachs well, and praises at the appropiate times. Does he ever make corrections? All the time but that is how we all learn the Lowes way. I have learned allot from his merchandising abilities and a sense of importance and priority of projects
I don't feel that Lowes corp. supports store management as much as they should. The corporate HR and CCIC are very weak considering the competitive economy and customer demands. CCIC should resolve customer problems not just be a message taker. I understand that we as hourly people have someone to voice to but salary people have no support or anyone to voice their opinion to. Lowes is still an above average company to work for but as every growing they have their challeges.
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