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From Tennessee — 12/29/2009

My Lowe's store is one of the best of the best, and has led the district and region at times in its performance metrics. In one respect, at present, we lead the entire company; i.e., in one measurement. We have done it by intense execution of the basics, and with the leadership, guidance and encouragement of some very focused and competent senior management members, as well as a pretty tightly-knit floor team. We are an exceptional store, and I am exceptionally lucky to be a team member.

That said: In any situation, co-worker competence, attitudes and work environment will vary, depending on the culture which is predominant. But if you don't like the culture, work to change it. Work to provide positive influence. I'm no polyanna newbie...I'm a 5-year veteran. I've seen good and bad workers come and go, for a variety of reasons, some deserved, some undeserved. Lowe's rewards competence, but those who seem incompetent also seem to get the rewards -- or the extra rope with which to hang themselves -- it's all life on life's terms.

I would encourage anyone -- ANYONE -- with a good work ethic to apply. If you consider yourself a good person who can focus, get the job done, lead people by example and communicate clearly; a person who can do more than whine if the outcome isn't fair and step in to change the culture to make the outcome better, then you will most likely succeed. Choose your friends carefully, and watch them. Keep to the high your dealings with customers, associates and vendors...and you will establish a reputation in your store as a person of integrity and leadership ability.

Lowe's isn't right for everyone, but it has been right for me. I came from a semi-corporate environment, and had a good deal of retail experience, but not on the scale we practice retail. I've learned a lot in 5 years, and have left the junk in the road and taken with me what I could use.

The company comes down to this: Every store has its personality; based on culture set by management. But remember: Culture can go bottom - up, top - down, or laterally. Choose to be a part of the culture, or choose to do what you can to improve it. Your store's success is YOUR success, and vice-versa.
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