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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From willow grove,pa — 12/04/2009

Its above average for retail I asked for 9.00 dollars and got 9.80 dont know about rasies how often yet ill tell once i figure it out

2 week notice which is good for retail

i wish i was full time they would be atnea and company ownship possiablity 2 i cant wait till i can buy stock in the company and cellphone discounts and american car discounts and employee discount only thing is i wish i had some vacation off 2 holidays paid xmas and turkey day and 4 floating holdays no to gov healthcare

Job Security

i done the reaseach us and walmart are doing great in this market

Work/Life Balance

its pretty good they have set days off so it better than my last retail job

Career Potential/Growth

so far ive seen 1 person get fired so ill comment a year from now to see if i move up at all


could be closer to home but in this market ill take anything iam glad i found work so quickly
Co-worker Competence

everybody is top notch really good service so were the 2nd best in our district so want to win the truck

Work Environment
not bad for a hardware store a lot better than was expecting and have to take yearly tests as part of employment even top management has to cashier so i like that my boss has to do the dirty work too
and i can learn new skills at this place i wish we got commission on the credit and protection plans ive sold id be doing pretty good right now managers make more than my last job i hear my next raise will be 10.70 they work you hard but they give plenty of breaks so i like the laid back dress code and the red vest combo cant beat it
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