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From New York — 03/12/2010

I retired from LM after 3 decades with the company (and prior companies from which LM acquired me half way thru my career). I started as an exempt entry level college and ended as an executive. I lived within my means - saved 10% or more of what I made, with my wife put our children thru college, enjoyed my worklife and am now enjoying "retirement".

I read every comment about LM here (7 pages) and believe after doing so that this is not representative of the company at all. LM isn't perfect in any way - but it is a top notch employer that makes a difference and which will do well by its employees who work hard and contribute.

I found that hard work, long hours, sacrifice, intelligence, thick skin, ego but controlled, willingness to work as part of a team all lead to me being successful. I managed other employees for my last 25 years and have experience with many of the kinds of folks who comment at sites like this, they only look here and comment here if they first - have the time to spare vs between working on their job and balancing that with sleep and their family.

LM is, like so many of the other companies reviewed here - a good place to work. But scan down the scale - and look at the scores - that will give you an idea the type of people commenting here so you can gauge on your own the veracity of the input. To stick to the items asked - pay is very competitive - benefits fit with what else is offered by competitors - if pay and benefits were not competitive - all the great people working there wouldn't be - they would go the competing companies.

Respect - here you get what you work to get. The folks who portray these "management conspiracies - all the employees are great but the managers have been in place forever and their entire goal in life is to use you up and take credit for what you do" - that is just what it sounds like - crying over spilled milk by the person who spilled it and about those who didn't.

Work life balance - don't work here or in any large competitive environment if you are looking to work 40 hours each week - never be bothered during the weekend - get your 2,3,or eventually 4 weeks of vacation - a full half year of sick time (of course you actually have to be sick) and stroll into the office at 8:30 and after a nice break in the morning and afternoon and a long lunch go home at 5:30. If that is your view of work life balance - you can probably get away with doing the absolute minimum and if you are good and actually contribute during your 8 hours each day - survive - but you won't thrive - there are too many of us willing to work hard - conditioned to work hard - loving to work hard so that you will just survive - and that is one reason you will write here. You would be better off to seek a job in France.

Having a good manager is important - and building a relationship with him / her is as well - but this is not a company that you have to "know people" to get ahead - you have to work hard and make a difference. You have to compromise your personal beliefs and behaviors and expectations such that you fit with the team (and no one expects those compromises to be any where near the line in terms of ethics or legality - just some modicum of conformity, manners and friendliness)...

So much for my observations - had a great career - worked with a number of the countries best scientists, on projects that our country relies on everyday to remain free and leading in the world, technology that drives a fair amount of what we do at home each day - enjoying retirement and wish well to all who choose to engage in a meaningful way over your careers - good luck.
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