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From Fort Worth — 12/28/2009

Working at Lockheed Martin is not a bad place to work. I would say Lockheed would be a better "job stepping stone" rather than an employer for life. I can only comment on hourly employees for I am one. There are many workers that take pride in their work and create a great product. And there are more than a few employees that do not care what the finished product is as long as get a paycheck. It is sad. There is no accountability for employee’s workmanship and workmanship errors do get covered up. Worthy working employees do not seem to want the union as it is useless and dues are outrageous. The union will fight for people that have repetitious attendance and discipline problems. Employees do not have a voice.
There are many repetitive problems that tax payers keep paying for mainly due to not caring.
There have been issues but I have been fortunate so far. I work with good people and the goofing off is kept to a very minimum.
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