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From Orlando, Fl — 05/09/2009

Stable employment because the company's solid in the defense industry. Gets lots of contracts. Just too political inside. Everyone not given an equal chance to shine or grow. Only leadership development program employees or employees favored by management, and this includes those in Bethesda. Competence and skill overlooked for favortism even when it's glaringly obvious. No one is expected to work less than 45 hours a week and don't even think about overtime pay. It's basically a sweatshop, and if you keep up with the pace you'll do okay. Make a mistake and you are on the chopping block. There's no real vacation. If you are not available or if you don't have a laptop with you, you face a mess when you get back to work. Intense work environment. People go to funerals and weddings and bah mitzvas for a week or two but still are calling in and e-mailing. Work here is 24/7, for real.

Merit raises unfair because of a bell curve system. The raises are small even though this corporation is a cash cow. You're judged by your rating, meaning that it's a label on you. It's hard to break. Many alcoholics there and stressed out people. A lot of heart attacks and an unnatural number of cancer cases. Most of the human resources team is very competent, but many would disagree with this. Yes, they're agents of management but they still know their stuff. You'll see a lot of pride in America and our military since many employees are veterans and we work for the government and military. This is good.
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