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From Owego, NY — 03/13/2009

To all those who are thinking about working for Lockheed: DON"T SECOND GUESS--DO IT. I have been working here for a little over the year and its great. I came straight out of college.

Listen, I will tell you this, people will always complain, and complainers will always be complainers, they will go on waste their life complaining about everything. They will never be satisfied at any job because all they want is more more more. The general public in my opinion is lazy: they want to work less and make more, but it doens't work that way. You work hard, you get to play hard, that's it.

But rarely do you get positive reviews about anything. Well ,I didn't want the company I work for to look bad, because I think it's a great company to work for. Coming out of college, my salary was extremely decent (engineer). Better than all of my friends (some are still a little jealous, and I can't blame em). We all set high expectations of our jobs out of college, and although they will be good, don't expect to meet all your demands. Lockheed is better than a lot of companies to work for, especially out of college.

So, go. Don't let negative reviews scare you.

Lockheed takes good care of its own, and if you're diligent and dedicated, you should have no problem moving up in the ranks and calling it home.
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