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From Fort Worth, TX — 10/01/2008

I LOVE this job! I wish there were more job security in the division I'm in, but with my education, I imaging I can always move around in the company. However, I hope it doesn't come to that as I love what I'm doing. I've finally found my calling.

I do have a complaint about the health insurance, though. You don't have a choice, except for the deductible. You can only choose Aetna PPO. I've always had an HMO and I prefer that. I always use the same doctor and when I need a specialist, I would rather have my MD refer one. That way I don't have to find one on my own. I realize a lot of people like choices, and that's fine, but I think with such a large company, we should be given the choice of health plans, too. After having HMO's in every other job, the copays with the PPO came as quite a shock to me. With a plan that only pays 80-90%, I don't recommend having any medical issues. If you never get sick, don't ever have labs done, and definitely never need imaging (xrays, US's, CT's, and MRI's) then maybe a PPO is a financially feasible plan. But you add that stuff in, OUCH!

Getting back on topic, the work environment is pleasant. The machines could be faster, but having worked with a T1 connection before, I do say I'm a little spoiled. And, some of the "older" folks complain a lot about working conditions, but they have an "older" mindset. And, I'm not talking about age. I'm talking about people coming over from a previous contract. And, not all of them are like that.

The point I'm trying to make is that LM is a great place to work. I have finally found a job I love doing and can actually see myself happily doing for a long time to come. It's also nice to be able to use my extremely expensive college education for once!
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