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From Herndon, VA — 09/25/2008

Let me just explain that I don't have any problems with Lockheed Martin. My problem was with a co-worker who hated me and let her friends (which were managers) know this. I worked in supply chain and was part of a great team until my bitter co-worker complained about me behind my back and got me off the program. Let me state for the record I did my work and almost never complained but it didn't matter. She was friends with my boss. The turnover was unbearable and the lack of support was non-existent. My manager at the time moved over to another building only to have that entire team quit after less than a year. Before my manager left she gave me 7 programs to work. Without even telling me the problems. Another co-worker left and as I found out later didn't do her work either. So when I explain the problem to my manager he did very little to alleviate the burden on my plate. I choose to find another job because I couldn't take that workload when people higher level than me didn't have this mess. So when I tell my boss of course he doesn't so much as shake my hand and commend me on a job well done. For almost 2 years of loyalty and no complaints despite my concerns they don't care. The last thing he told me when I resigned was "you have to do what's best for you best the company is going to do what's best for it" I have some advice for anyone thinking of getting out of Lockheed Martin Supply Chain... if you decide to leave keep in mind that they never want you back no matter how good you are. Your files will be crap regardless of who had them before you. You will never measure up unless you stick it out. That's what my management team's perception is. The problem isn't management its you. You're the problem. Such a shame because I really miss the work side of it.
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