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4.6Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Alliston — 03/15/2010

Pay: Pay was well above minimum wage.
Respect: If your managers liked you, you got respect.
Benefits: Benefits were awesome for being part-time and having 80% coverage on glasses etc.
Job Security: As long as you don't kill someone! Someone sexually assulted someone in the back room and he still kept his job... -_-
Work/Life Balance: Always worked around my schooling schedule and anytime I had an RTO it was honored.
Career Potential/Growth: There are always lots of oppourtunities throughout the country.
Location: Really close to home.
Co-Worker Competence: Fucking Dumbasses.
Work Environment: Typical work environment, some nice people, some mean ones.
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