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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From Ontario — 08/07/2008

I'm full time, pay is good with an annual raise.

Respect? ha! I can't say it's really Loblaws fault tho.. I work at a franchise store so it's more the owner to blame there

Benefits are good, one reason why I still work at this crappy job.

Job security it's there as long as you make it past your 90 shift probation period.

Work/Life balance - could be better all depends on the store manger/owner.. ours think the store should be our lives

Career Potential/Growth is only there is they like you. Most of the time the owner combines jobs so when a new full time position would be available its gone by giving the repsonsibilites to someone who is already full time.

Location is great, but then again it's a small town.. everything is close.

Co-worker competence, I love the people I work with.. sure there is the odd person who apparently can't read atleast so it seems generally people here know what they're doing

Work environment is alright.. nothing to really complain about.. except teh backroom in the winter.. you will litereally freeze most days can see your breath back there in the winter
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