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From Markham, Ontario, Ca — 08/04/2008

Markham, Ontario, Ca 08/04/2008: I am 20 years old in Loblaws years (cashier). I like the company because I find it is like a family atmosphere. This is my third store. I also helped to open 5 other stores. I am part-time and use Loblaws as a way to earn more for my full time job, for when I need extra for big purchases. I love, love, love my customers. They are a quality group of people and some will line up in long lines to talk to me. I have learned from my customers and now speak a little Italian, Chinese, Russian and French. I like both the younger and older co-workers and try to learn from both -- may be it's my personality, but I try to get along with every worker and boss. If & when someone treats me disrepectfully (co-worker, boss, customer), I courteously discuss with them on the spot & without anger. 95% of the time, I gain a new friend, associate or just gain their respect. This company has been good to me. Where else can you get an excellent part-time salary ($16.75/hr), benefits, a pension (!!!), stock purchase at a discount, scholarships, employee discount, a Sunday shift bonus, lots of t-shirt/uniforms (more t-shirts than you will ever need). For those with negative comments, it's how you play the game & how you react to the negativity. I don't take it personally. I recommend this company - you see the benefits over time. Just don't expect instant gratification.
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