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From North Bergen — 03/26/2007

I'll start with the positive aspects first... Liz Claiborne is an excellent job to have on your resume, when time to get a new job. It's an excellent work expereience that many other companies want in employees. The benefits are really good probably the best in the industry. 1 month vacation and unlimited sick daya. It is a great company for women and latinos. In the new jersey office, there are two cafeterias, a small bank, atm's, and an onsite gym. ....With that said it is easy to become very complacent. There is really no opportunity for advancement and promotion. Promotions are few and limited for most assoicates. The salaries are very low and rasies and bonuses are even lower (unless you work for one of the "power brands"). I have been in my positon for 2 years and there have been 3 sets of lay offs. Many assoicates are afraid they will be next if there division doesn't do well. Some departments with in the many divisions have rcvd no bonuses even though they are hard workers. The company focuses more on the brands that do well and others in the not so well division are hurting, some have no control over the diviions they work for. This company focuses alot on the $$$$. My advice to those who are interested in coming here to put it on yr resume but then go somewhere else for a better salary & position.
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