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From Palo Alto, CA — 01/04/2009

I have been with LiveOps for going on 6 years. Even though the pay and the job security is not great, as far as either of those issues out in the brick and mortar 'real' world, they aren't any better as far as I am concerned. I chose to be a home bases business owner and it's not cut out for everyone, because you have to disipline yourself and set and meet goals. And even though you are considered a 'contact' agent, you still have to be accountable and show up to do your job. You get to pick and chose the times you work if you get the commits that you need and at the times you want. If not, you take the luck of the draw and have to hope that a slot opens up that you can grab. You are required to know your products and read scripts verbatum but the variety of calls, the ability to work in your pjs, and on your own schedule, makes up for the lack of benefits and securty. As far as the co-worker competence, and environment, its a virtual world, what more can you expect? I have made alot of great on-line friends that are co-workers, present or past, and through that network of friends we have made a work friendly environment. So give Live Ops a chance they have worked for thousands of people.
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