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From Region 10 — 09/17/2008

Lincare is a good company to work for, unlike the other comments on here may claim. Looks to be that they still have not got over being let go for lack of job performance. Lincare is a large company. They make the money by working with a very lean staff. Yes at time it does get to be a lot of work, but that is where having a good team in place to roll with the punches of over-time, turn over, held sales, etc. Yes the pay could and should be better for SR's and CSR's, but we have a lot of good employees out there who love their job, mostly due to the patient care. Lincare is not for everyone. It takes the right person with the right personality to fit in and do their job successfully. But sure every center could use one more employee, that would be great. More money, WELL yeah who wouldn't. I will say that the benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision) should be better, The 401K allows you to contribute up to 30% of your base salary, NICE. Tuition reimbursement great. You get 10 paid holidays a year, 2 weeks vacation, Stock purchase. As to the job security though, when the number are not doing well, that can get stressful. But again, thats why having the right team in place is the key. If everyone is doing there thing, its like clock work. I do agree with the others about one thing, you need to have good support from your managers. Our center here is very fortunate to have a easy going, very helpful, manager who will listen to you and try to help you succeed at you job instead of how it sound others may have the one that says do it or you done.

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