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From Ohio — 03/30/2010

I have worked in the personal sales dept. as a sales representative for quite sometime. Yes, this company has changed quite a bit in the last few years and it's not the same comfy feeling it used to be. But a lot of dead weight was removed and the unethical folks went with them as well.

Liberty Mutual is in growth mode and it's no secret that the economies of scale play a large part in a insurance company being profitable or competitive for that matter. So for management to stay warm and fuzzy like the good old days and tolerate the mediocre employee is just not an option anymore. We either grow faster than the competition or become victim to the competition. For all these new college hires to aren't willing to put in the major hours at the beginning of a insurance sales career to get it up and running...see you later. College is over folks, time to get to work. For those who are working hard, welcome to the company!

To those who complain about management, I have had more direct managers than i can count in my all my years here. Most of them were not good managers. The few that were good, got promoted as they should. It didn't matter. I am truly the only person to can make myself successful here. I don't need to make a manager my crutch for not succeeding. It's up to me. Period.

To the upper management in Boston and Portsmouth. Please give us systems that have the speed to keep up with the talented individuals you hire. Can you imagine how productive we could be if we didn't have to wait for our screens to change all the time? Downtime has improved, but response time has got to improve!!! Can you imagine how many more quotes could be done and the time we could free up if we had competent systems to work on? It would be great to walk out of that office everyday with a strong sense of accomplishment rather than a frustrated worn out feeling about how much more needs to be done to keep up with the demands of current customers and potential customers.

I feel fortunate to work for this company overall. I know our way of doing business (expensive) will change drastically soon and may leave me out in the cold or with options that will force me to look elsewhere. The best thing for me is to sell as effectively as possible to put me in the best possible position when that time comes. Moaning and groaning all the way will do no good and only hasten my eventual departure.
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