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From New York State (is great) — 03/28/2010

I've read a few posts and frankly don't recognize the Liberty Mutual being described here. I'm generally pleased with the direction the company is taking (no, I'm not a manager). I suspect the negative venting is a result of two conditions:

1. Most negative responses are from the claims dept. Claims is a job with incredible stress. Everyone wants $$ from you faster than you can send it. It's always gimme, gimme, gimme. Couple that with mgmt who's job is to see that claims are paid at the lowest fair amount and the adjuster gets caught in the middle with a very small and specific range of performance that balances the demands of these two groups. That's a nearly impossible job to do successfully. Add in a few inexperienced mgrs who are eager to do a good job and the environment turns dysfunctional real fast. Yes, this is what a career in claims is like in the new millenium.

2. I suspect most employees have never worked in the claims dept of another company. Doing so would add perspective. Claims employees are generally an unhappy bunch (see reason #1 above). Other companies I have worked for are far worse than Liberty. Far worse. Incompetence is everywhere and it's here at LM as well. But on balance, if you can handle the short-term changes (things can get better) and can actually survive in a high-stress claims job, then LM is a better company than most to hitch your wagon to for as long as you can keep your job.

My advice is to reflect on your career and the trade offs you make in life for the things your paycheck buys. . If you're still miserable weeks from now, it's time to consider a change. You must have control of your attitude if you are to have any control in life.

Life is too short to be so miserable.
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