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From Mitchel Field, NY — 03/10/2010

Despite everything posted here, this is actually a good place to work. Just for writing that, I'm sure there will be many comments attacking me as being a senior manager, someone from Boston, a kiss ass or whatever else. That's not the case. This place is not perfect, but the biggest problem is the small clique that is consumed with negativity and does everything they can to spread it. Check the responses to postings, you'll see the same 5-10 names over and over. Before you agree with anything said in response to this post, check out the website and ask yourself if you want to hang around with people who spend that much time and effort seeking out negative things about the company they work for, and references to other people who hate where they work in other places. It's just a job people, get a life. Try your best to resist putting up a response less than 24 hours after this is posted. I'm willing to bet you can't do it. It's 7:40 PM, 3/10/10 in case you want to set your alarm clock.

I especially love when I see how much you used to love working here. I knew you then, and you were miserable then too. Keep using the economy as an excuse for why you won't leave. In case you haven't been paying attention, the insurance industry has been doing fairly well. My guess is your not even looking, your just making up excuses to continue painting yourself as a the victim.

Unfortunately, you are not the victim. The victims are the people who work in an office with poor morale - something a small miserable group created. You act like absolute maniacs if anybody finds the slightest fault with one of your files. I guess taking constructive criticism is something you can't handle. Maybe acting a little professional once in a while wouldn't be such a bad idea either.

It's so sad to see people post on this site about the way someone looks (sorry, but I haven't seen any supermodels roaming the halls around here so you should look in the mirror), or make bogus accusations about them. Try putting yourselves in the shoes of the people you are talking about. They're working hard too and taking the same heat you do when results don't look good. Your words are just cruel, and your nothing more than a bully. Please stop pretending like you know so much. You don't know the office is closing. You don't know rating were lowered without justification. You don't know other offices are hiring outside consultants. You make up your own truth's and throw them out there. I'd love to know who you are that knows so much about everything. You must be very high up in the organization to know information like that., or perhaps you just have an axe to grind?

This company has done very well over the last few years, and VIP proves that. All the problems in this office can be overcome if we just start ignoring this small minority of bullies who terrorize people and make up their own truths of what has happened and will happen. The great people who account for the overwhelming majority of this office shouldn't give these people one second of their time. They don't deserve it.
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